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Born in England, childhood in Brazil, and school/university in England; career in publishing first in London, and then in Padua as publishers' representatives with my Italian husband; two children; began painting in the late 1990's.

In December 2007, after a year’s course in oil painting with maestro Bruno Gorlato at the Artelier school in Padua, I took part in a collective exhibition, “Arte per Capire”, organised by the school.

Participants had to provide a brief text to accompany their work, in reply to the question: WHY DO ART? WHAT DO I EXPERIENCE WHEN I PAINT?

To react against the automatism of the computer: to return to reality, handling the tools, squeezing the tubes of paint and creating a meeting of colours on the palette; pouring the oily thinner and turpentine into little jars so that they are ready to keep me company and support me in the adventure that’s about to start: the emotion of getting ready is renewed each time. Then the first shy approaches to the canvas: how will it react? Will I be able to express what I have in mind? Will my hand and the paint brushes cooperate well enough with my brain? Then the joy of finding that, with a touch here and another there, something resembling my idea materialises, and everything grows gradually in an ensemble of colours to produce something that had not existed before.